It's not a big secret cyber-bullying is going around this site. We do have rules against it, but rules are made to be broken, so to speak, but here's some things to do if you're being bullying.

What Is Bullying?
Bullying is when a person picks on another person. Some times it's cause they don't like them, or just simply because they're different. Cyber-bullying is the same, but is strictly done over the internet or texting. 

I'm Being Bullied! What Do I Do?
First of all, do not fight back. This can only lead to a bigger problem. If you're being bullied at school or anywhere offline, tell an adult. If they don't do something, tell another adult. Keep making it known that there's a problem til someone does something to help you. 

If you're being cyber-bullied, tell the authorities or others who is responsible in your case. Telling who you think is not responsible may make the case worse even if the person is the friend of the bully.

There's is someone who is writing hurtful messages on me! What do I do?
You have seen this many times, and dealt with it many times also. To begin, do not erase the messages. It is a sidekick evidence to show the authorities of the government the hurtful messages. In the messages, they track where is the suspect. So, DON'T ERASE THE MESSAGES!

Note: Suicide is NEVER the answer.  


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