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If you make a trash in DgBlogs, there is a chance to delete, block, or ban your account. Deleting a membership means deleting a registration so that the membership is invalid and the person can no longer log on to your web site. There are numerous locations where you can choose to delete memberships. For example, you have the option of deleting memberships when you access the details of your registered members. Blocking a member is to hold the account so the member can't log on to his account again. But, the account is not yet terminated yet. If you are banning a member, he can't create an account again. And if we delete a member, we will make sure that this site is in high-security.
To improve DgBlogs more, we need support. If we didn't receive any support, then we won't.
Well, we can't confirm a tutorial that is misbehaving. Maybe you mean Community member. If you see a misbehaving post in the community, report it in the Report Room category in the MessageBoard.