Interested to create your own programming language?? Well, it is most likely that VB.NET is the most easiest language to learn, so it means you may able to understand your own built language with this program.

Hello guys I'm going to show how to create rollover buttons with Dreamweaver.

Hello this is Genesis and I am going to show you how to create an astonishing black and white photos.

Is it very hard to create a flash game? Then hop in to this tutorial.
1. Open Macromedia Flash 8
2. Click the Text tool in the Toolbox and create a label called "Start Game".
3. Press F8. Select Button as the type of symbol. In the name field name whatever you want. Press OK. (If you see your symbol in the Library Panel, your symbol is created).
4. Press F9 (make sure that your text is selected) and type in this code:

Hello guys this is me Genesis and I am going to teach you how to create a Programming Language using C#.

Well, the tool we are going to use is "Microsoft Visual C#" and download it in the Internet if you didn't have it yet.

Well, I am playing the codes just to put the following codes:
But I haven't see to it that I can't post that command in my project so let's get started.




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