Hello this is Genesis and I am going to show you how to create an astonishing black and white photos.
OK. We are going to edit this picture into an amazing black and white picture.
Now here is the steps on how to convert this picture.
  • Go to File -> Open. And open a picture.
  • Press Ctrl + J to duplicate the layer (if didn't work, click the Layers panel).
  • See the Drop-down box in the Layers Panel? Click that and choose Soft Light. See below for picture detail.
  • Are you waving with the tutorial? Well, still in the Layers Panel (it isn't hard, so stop complaining), click the Adjustment icon and choose Black and White.
  • What we need to do now is to play around with the picture.
For me, the Blues is my favorite option.
  • Now we did it! We did what we must did. See the result below:
  • Save the picture. Do this by going to File -> Save. Choose any File format you like. If that's the final result, then choose whether .JPEG or .PNG (Honestly, I don't know so don't hesitate to ask me some questions about the file formats). If you like to edit it again, then choose the file format .PSD.
*NOTE: If there is a pop-up window, don't change anything. Just click OK.
  • Here's our product!


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