Hello guys I'm going to show how to create rollover buttons with Dreamweaver.
  • Open Adobe Dreamweaver CS5 (Any other versions will be acceptable. But if you get some errors it depends on what kind of language its supports)
  • Below the "Create New" label, click HTML. It'll create an HTML document. 
  • Our document is already created. Now, go to Insert -> Image Objects -> Rollover Image. (Make sure you are switched to Design tab)
  • In the pop-up window, type the text with the fields with the information required. Click OK if done. Look at the image below:
  • Once you have clicked OK, you may preview it in your browser. See the picture below on how to preview it in your browser.
  • If you click on the glowie icon or any icons there, just click "Save". If you click in the glowie icon, it'll ask you to choose a browser where you are going to view your work.
  • OK. Here's our work!
When the mouse is not yet rollover the image
Try to rollover your mouse in the image, it'll show like this (the rollover image)
*NOTE: If you rollover your mouse and didn't change the image, then just allow the blocked content.


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